August 16, 2010

Screw Prada, the Devil wears these.....

Nothing can transform an outfit like a pair of killer heels! And these are killer heels! The colorful, edgy hand-painted statement pumps designed by Taylor Reeve have just made it to the top of my lust-have list! She is a California-based artist who has worked with several companies including Quicksilver & Skull Candy. Taylor's art spans multiple platforms including shoes, canvases, surfboards and helmets. I found Taylor on Etsy where you can buy a pair of shoes, they're a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. And if you don't like the designs on the shoes (how could you not?), Taylor will customise it to suit your style.

I'm sure Taylor's going to get a lot more orders from Dubai - definitely one from me or my boyfriend *hint hint*

August 7, 2010

Tote for the day!

I love tote bags, because I seem to always have lots of non-purse-able items that I absolutely need to carry with me (which of course I never use). I guess I'm one of those 'what if' people! I'm not always like that though for example when I'm at a club I'll most likely only have my keys & debit card on me.

Anyway one of my fashionable & super talented friends wore this bag out to a club and as soon as I saw it I knew it belonged on my blog! She got it a couple of years ago at Universal Studios. But if you want to save yourself the trip you can also get it online.