April 13, 2012

H&M Conscious launched an Exclusive Glamour Collection

"H&M has created an exclusive collection of red-carpet looks, all made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp as well as recycled polyester. The collection showcases the diversity of what is now possible in greener fashion, with outfits in different styles reflecting the variety of today’s red carpet fashion.”

Here are my top two picks from this collection. I wonder whether we'll be seeing any of these here in Dubai.

Crepe dress with a removable skirt....i like! 

[Photo Credit: hm.com]

April 5, 2012

You're not trying to raise hell, just an eyebrow or two.


Dubai is known for a number of things, but sneaker culture isn't one of them. It's not that it doesn't exist - you just have to look a little harder to find it. 

Director: Neel Kumar
Production company: akela
Creative Director/ Executive Producer: Hussain Moloobhoy
Producers: Joshua Cox, Kris Balerite
Scriptwriter: Neel Kumar

February 27, 2012

I've got the Code!

A few weeks ago I won a gorgeous CeeCode bag on the Tinayums blog and to add to it I got to meet the lovely designer Cynthia Pennikian. I’m honored to meet such a young talented designer who is so charming and friendly.

This is me with my new CeeCode bag and Cynthia Pennikian.

I love these Round Signature Bags from CeeCode.

These license plate bags can also be customized so you can create your own unique piece with your name or even your license plate number. The customizable bags are called Ceeplate.

Here's a closer look at the CeeCode bag I now own. If you'd like to get your own bag check out the website here for the store locations in Dubai & Lebanon. Or check out their facebook page here.

January 31, 2012


Check out this gorgeous collection by Dima Ayad in the behind-the-scenes video of the making-of the Spring Summer 2012 lookbook.

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them. Can't wait to see it in stores! 

January 11, 2012

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Although this is an old video, I thought I'd share it with you as it's one that I keep referring to.

Check out Wendy's Lookbook for lots of tips on how to style your clothes and even how to take care of your Louboutins.

December 7, 2011

Parisian chic meets Indian charm.

How gorgeous are the outfits from the Channel Paris - Bombay pre-fall 2012 collection? What I personally love about the collection is something we call 'Teekas' in India, which surely has influenced the hair jewelry in the 'Paris Bombay' collection. I can't wait to wear my teekas out somewhere, I usually only wear them at weddings with Indian outfits but I have a feeling this trend will catch on.

For this show the Grand Palais was transformed into an Indian-themed dinner party for the Chanel Metiers d'Art show, which was just oozing with opulence.

The models were adorned with gorgeous tunics, shawls, brocade pants & jeweled flats  - all inspired by a country Karl Lagerfield hasn't been to and I must say I'm impressed.

And here's a pic with me wearing a teeka....

November 29, 2011

What I'm wearing today....

Don't usually do this, but there's always a first time. Gorgeous green blouse from Zara, jeggings from Matalan, shoes & bag from Stradivarius.

p.s - Sorry about the picture quality.