November 18, 2011

We want Noël Caleb in Dubai

Just discovered this fab designer in Singapore thanks to a new blog I started following called 'Bonjour Singapore' and I just had to blog about it too!

Noël Caleb is the meaning of Christmas and Devotion combined. It is an independent label from Singapore that just started in February 2011.

What I love about these designs is the use of playful use of color and the funky wearable styles. My favorite has to be be the Alexandrova twist draped skirt. They're available to buy online here until one of our favorite local stores start to stock them.

Alexandrova twist draped skirt


  1. Hi Dionne,

    It's Rana from Bonjour Singapore blog. Thanks for following and keep checking my blog coz there are lots of cool local designers which I'll be posting about! I'm happy to help with your shopping if you can't find it in Dubai :-)or else come visit Singapore and shop here!

  2. I want the skirt!! It's really pretty!

  3. I mean the light blue one. On second thought I love the first one too!

  4. @Rana love you blog! Will definitely come down to Singapore someday soon to shop!

    @Picky C thought you'd like it. xoxo