July 14, 2010

Kicked about my new kicks!

I’d like to start off my blog by sharing my new kicks with you. I got these Puma's last week and I think they’re uber cool. The shoe is called the 'Puma 917 Lo Factory'.

I usually just go with my gut when it comes to buying clothes, shoes & accessories. I liked these so I bought them. While doing a little research for my blog post I found out that these shoes were inspired by Pop Art from the 60's and by Andy Warhol in particular. While Andy Warhol has influenced fashion in many ways, those 'Campbell Soup' print dresses aren't my thing.

But these retro fabric trainers definitely are!

The bold colors really pop. I love the sketched eyelets and the laces that look like they are painted on the shoe (like something out of a comic book!).

To make these stand out even more - as if they needed to - I wore them with a simple black tee and denim.


  1. I'd like to change the simple black tee to maybe a hot pink tee or sesky yellow tee :P...am kicked about the new blog!

  2. I love em , i would probably wear them wit a short denim skirt and a hot pink tee with some chunky bangles:)

  3. Thanks Paula & Anu.
    Btw these are available at Dubai Outlet Mall for AED 99!! (love a good bargain!)

  4. Funky shoes - really like 'em! Ya, I'm not into Warhol's Campbell soup stuff either, but the Marilyn Monroe prints I love!