July 21, 2010

When a cow laughs, does milk come out its nose?

I was looking around for designers from the region when I came across this one from Wasta. Wasta in Arabic means 'influence' or 'connections' (without which you can't get anything done in the Middle East). Wasta is a concept brand and a platform for design-related activities in the region.

I love this t-shirt because it reminds me of 'The Laughing Cow' also known as 'La vache qui rit' in French. Yup, the brand that makes the lovely spreadable cheesy wedge. It's a limited edition t-shirt (as are all t-shirts from Wasta) and is sold at Aura B, a Dubai-based online boutique that hosts collections from more than 60 designers. Aura B showcases designs from the region, ranging from fashion for men & women to art and even quirky furniture. For all the Dubai readers, delivery is free and your order will reach you within 48hrs. This tee is available for men & women in blue or white.

I've got my heart set on the blue one.

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