April 5, 2011

Fashion faux paws

I just found these fab animal inspired faux fur accessories called SpiritHoods. These unique handcrafted hoods are made in L.A and what’s great is that no animals were harmed – it is 100% faux fur and from what I hear it feels and looks real. These quirky hoods have been spotted on quite a few celebs like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, Fergi & Pink to name a few.

SpiritHoods also believe in the conservation and protection of animals, and they’re helping out by donating a portion of their online proceeds from their ‘Product Blue’ line that help rehabilitate and protect that particular animal.

The Polar Bear SpiritHood is for people who tend to look out for those around them. The Caretaker. They are focused and goal driven, knowing what they need and doing whatever it takes to get it.

The Leopard SpiritHood is for people who are able to blend in to many different circumstances with ease. People with the Leopard spirit find comfort in many different social situations yet also appreciate being alone. Often territorial and protective the Leopard naturally commands respect, without needing to demand it.

It's an accessory that expresses your wild nature. I think I’m going to get myself a ‘Snow Leopard’ or ‘Black Cat’.

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